Budapest Parliament Building is the third largest parliament building in the world with 691 rooms and 20 km long stairs reaching a height of 96 meters. The gigantic neo-gothic style building was actually only 100 years old, but was one of the important buildings in terms of architectural history. The building, which is beautiful enough to look at from afar, has a very beautiful location in the Pest part of the city, overlooking the Danube. The building, which is at the same height as the Saint Stephen's Basilica, was the tallest building in Budapest together with the basilica. This equality between the two symbolized the balance between religion and state affairs. In addition, the number 96 refers both to 1896, the date of establishment of Hungary in today's sense, and to the conquest of the Kingdom of Hungary in 896. The building, which is also actively used by the Hungarian parliament, also houses the royal jewels and the crown. In the 1880s, a competition was held for the d